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New Age of Heroes

This box centers on my New Age All Stars. Next Generation OCs who are offsprings of their persepctives

Prince Mario Toadstool II/Mario Jr. Prince Mario Toadstool/Mario Jr. by LunarSpawnSerenata (Son of Mario and Princess Peach/Super Mario OC)

Princess Peach Toadstool II Princess Peach Toadstool II by LunarSpawnSerenata (Daughter of Mario and Princess Peach (I)/Super Mario OC)

Howard Malkovitch Howard Malkovich by LunarSpawnSerenata (Son of Samus Aran and Adam Malkovich (not the real one)/Metroid OC)

Leonie Kazama Leonie Kazama by LunarSpawnSerenata (Daughter of Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu/Tekken OC)

Satoshi Kasugano Satoshi Kasugano by LunarSpawnSerenata (Son of Ryu and Sakura Kasugano/Street Fighter OC)

Tong Kang Tong Kang by LunarSpawnSerenata (Son of Liu Kang and Kitana/Mortal Kombat OC)

Cir-El/Mina Kent/Supergirl Mina Kent/Supergirl by LunarSpawnSerenata (Daughter of Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman and Lois Lane-Kent/DC Universe OC)

Connor Utonium-Jojo Connor Utonium-Jojo by LunarSpawnSerenata (Son of Blossom Utonium and Brick Jojo/Powerpuff Girls OC)

Aroma Dragneel Aroma Dragneel by LunarSpawnSerenata (Daughter of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartifilia/Fairy Tail OC)

Sonya Rose Sonya Rose by LunarSpawnSerenata (Daughter of Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose/Sonic OC)

Charlie Membrane/Ritz Ritz by LunarSpawnSerenata (Son of Zim and Gaz/Invader Zim OC)

Blaze Blaze by LunarSpawnSerenata (Daughter of Billy and Mandy/Billy and Mandy OC)

((Jane Strife (daughter of Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough) and Jettrin Pendragon (son of Rhen Pendragon and Daemon Maruva) is gonna have to be on hold until I find a proper story to make for them.))

Stan the Butler

Stan the Butler

This box centers on most of my pictures of my Creepypasta character, Stan the Butler. His pasta will be coming soon so be on the lookout ;)

Stan the Butler Stamp by LunarSpawnSerenata

OvO by LunarSpawnSerenata Chibi Stan by LunarSpawnSerenata

Hello there, Master....... by LunarSpawnSerenata Happy New Year, Masters by LunarSpawnSerenata

Insanic Stan stamp by LunarSpawnSerenata
Insanity Inside Me by LunarSpawnSerenata You'll be so pretty in red..... by LunarSpawnSerenata

Starelyn Monroe by LunarSpawnSerenata What's wrong? Didn't you tie me up? by LunarSpawnSerenata

icon request for lunarspawnsereneta! by foxyloxykrabbe icon request for lunarspawnsereneta! by foxyloxykrabbe icon request for lunarspawnsereneta! by foxyloxykrabbe icon request for lunarspawnsereneta! by foxyloxykrabbe icon request for lunarspawnsereneta! by foxyloxykrabbe icon request for lunarspawnsereneta! by foxyloxykrabbe

icon request for lunarspawnsereneta! by foxyloxykrabbe icon request for lunarspawnsereneta! by foxyloxykrabbe icon request for lunarspawnsereneta! by foxyloxykrabbe icon request for lunarspawnsereneta! by foxyloxykrabbe icon request for lunarspawnsereneta! by foxyloxykrabbe icon request for lunarspawnsereneta! by foxyloxykrabbe

Official Pasta:…



So I was writing down my Chore of Promise paper as a result for typeform and noticing that some people wanted me to promote Stan a bit more and... I kinda brooded about how far I barely made it for people to notice him and such and well.... I just got to the submit side and said, “just do it already.” So.... if anybody is willing, anybody at all. Will y’all be kind enough to Narrate Stan’s pasta. Idk, just to better myself? :( I ask kindly as someone who just needs to find motivation. You don’t have to but... still?
About to make a new poll for this New Year Coming. Stay Tuned everybody.
I promised myself I was gonna do some crazy shit like this one day LOL.

I WAS gonna do some work and activities for christmas. . . . . but school overworked me so bad that I have no choice but to say I let y'all down. To make it up for it. I'mma talk more on the "Art of the Zodiana Beast" thing until it dies down. Hopefully I got something for the New Years. TT3TT. . . . . plus I'm broke as shit.

OC Facts about Roza Icthys

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 3:21 PM
Tagged by GrimaceJester

Hunter x Hunter OC: Roza Icthys by LunarSpawnSerenata The Fins of the Icthys by LunarSpawnSerenata

Post these rules
Post 8 facts about your character(s)
Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4)
Post their avatars and write their character’s name next to them
Don’t be afraid to tag me back! P:

  1. While Roza seems to be a employee at the Heaven's Arena and a Deep Sea Hunter, what little people know (other than Yasen) is that Roza is actually a royal blooded mermaid who was born in the Kingdom of Aecor (residing in the river in the continent of York New City). She keeps her status as a mermaid a secret to the public due to the fact that she is aware scientists can dissect her followed by her exposure to the public will attract the army of Aecor to set after her. Especially since she was arrange to marry a Kaishitan prince, which was the only reason why she ran away from home in the first place.
  2. Roza can turn into a mermaid only when her body is exposed to water, her main appetite is eating kelp, and when she does not touch the water for 3 days she will dehydrate. Where was this inspired from? Well, this came from the lifestate of a mermaid from the Sims 3 Island Paradise! Yeah, ladies and gentlemen. Mermaids are in the sims now. :) Also, she is wearing short pants. Her legs actually look like scales.
  3. Roza has five siblings. Five. Y'all probably thinking (why didn't they choose them if she's not interested in marrying). Well, she was one of the two beautiful daughters and the prince took a interest in her. But she only cared about what was outside of the kingdom, especially on land. Her siblings decided to make an opprotunity to punish her by having their parents select her to marry the prince. But she didn't want to so she ran away. AKA, she has asshole siblings. Speaking of which, legend has it that either the Kaishitan prince or one of her brothers is working in a conglomerate to hunt her down.
  4. Roza is the seventh student of Yasen before Ostrum. Yasen has trained a total of eight hunters, one was Henry Frosch's older brother, two were killed by Venema, and one lived in Acirfa.
  5. Originally, she was created to have a form of friendly or romantic connection to Mahem Kuzsman as suggested by GrimaceJester one time, but she kinda came out as her own character instead since she's been beaten to it. :P At the end of the day, she managed to get a connection to another hxh oc instead. :)
  6. Morel Mackernasey is Roza's current employer and mentor at her job as a Deep Sea Hunter. This means she's also co-workers with Henry Frosch (who will become a Hunter) later on in the story.
  7. Roza doesn't have any enemies or is being hunted down by someone, but she kinda takes a little disliking to Obsidia since chances are she has overheard that they snached seadwellers from a unnamed underwater kingdom to perform experiments on them once.
  8. Roza's personality is literally the opposite of being a whimsical, however she comes out to be a Transmuter. This is mainly because she hides a lot of secrets and is good at manipulating situations that can otherwise get her exposed. Plus she's a very curious person and daring, even going far to disobeying her strict and prejudice father who told her not to go to the surface realm out of curiosity on how life on earth really is.

I only know a few people, but here goes nothing.

This will be a HxH OC or nah tag for me:

:iconsecretprodigyheart: SecretProdigyHeart's MiwaKaida "M.K" Dragneel

:iconimmediatelight: ImmediateLight's Emma Brooks, Asaka Hanatami or Talamur

:iconpromptus: Promptus's Himerus Bathory or Hiko Ephastos


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